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Re: Sensor software

"Larry W.Irwin Sr." <riverw@bigriver.net> writes:

> I am trying to get ksensors working on my Woody system. Following
> directions provided by sensors-detect, I inserted the following lines 
> into /etc/modules
> #I2C adapter drivers
> i2c-isa
> #I2C chip drivers
> lm78
> sis5595

Which kernel are you using?  (Did you build your own?)  Source for all
three of these modules is in the lm-sensors-source package; I don't
know of prebuilt module packages for the stock kernels in woody.

> Module                  Size  Used by    Tainted: P  
> i2c-proc                6080   0  (unused)

(You *do* have the i2c drivers, probably from the kernel; if you
didn't, you'd also need to build modules from the i2c-source package.)

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