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Re: X Server on Debian

Subba Rao <subba9@cablespeed.com> writes:

> I have 2 Debian systems. One has X installed on it the 2nd system
> does not.  Now I would like to use the X server on the remote system
> and X apps for a while.  The 2nd system is for testing purposes and
> does not really require X Windows.  While I get the system ready I
> would like to have access to X apps.  How can I setup a X server?
> Are there any links with such information for quick X server setup?

The X "server" terminology is a little non-intuitive; the X server
happens to be the thing that you run on the console you're sitting in
front of.  So you actually don't want an X server on the second
machine, since it (presumably) doesn't have a physical display.  But
you can still remotely run X applications from that machine; try

  ssh -X second-system

(where second-system is the hostname), any X programs you run from
that shell on the remote machine should appear on your local display.

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