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gnome2.2 backport fam downgrade

In an effort to reduce major differences in Official woody and the
gnome2.2 backport, I am no longer supplying fam from sid.  The only
packages in the backport that depend/suggests on libfam and fam are 
from gnome-vfs2.

Systems already using the new fam should not be affected, unless you try
to install libfam-dev and/or fam with the previously backported libfam0
based on sid.

If you are in this situation, make sure Official woody lines are in your
sources.list and do:

apt-get remove --purge libfam0 libfam-dev fam
apt-get -f install

As always, these changes are in effect after 1:00am EST tonight.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  This should hopefully be the last


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