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Re: Understanding LDAP structures

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On Sunday 20 Apr 2003 9:20 pm, Jeremy Gaddis wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-04-20 at 05:45, Alan Chandler wrote:
> > What this means, I guess is that its crucial to have a list of what
> > standard objectClasses are and what attributes they expose.  Is there
> > such a list with reasonable friendly explanations?
> The "schema" are defined in various files.  Under Debian, I
> believe these are under /etc/openldap/schema/, but that location
> may be wrong.  `find /etc -type d -name schema` should get you
> in the right spot fairly quick.

I found the schema files ok, they are in /etc/ldap/schema - but they are not 
exactly light reading:-(

I have searched the web from several directions but there is not one document 
that I have been able to find that gives a summary of the objectClasses and 
what they are for.  I can't believe that nobody has found the need

> > I am slightly confused by what debian has done here.  Other HOWTOs seem
> > to imply that I need keywords rootdn and rootpw in the slapd.conf file
> > but there is no such entry in mine.  I did try dpkg-reconfigure to find
> > out, but I can't run it without starting again.
> Not running OpenLDAP on Debian anymore, so I can't comment
> on this.

I've sussed this now - only needed when you first create entries - but as soon 
as you have the admin cn then you use the access control in slapd.conf by 
binding to the database with the admin cn.
> > that, although there seems to be a mystery objectClass called top that I

That I still can't understand.  Its being used all over the place but there is 
never an explanation, only an instruction to use it.

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Alan Chandler
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