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non-i386 vs i386 and debian


I have been working with i386 machines for a while now and wanted try
out some non-i386 hardware.

Looking around in ebay, there are some hp-ux, sgi, etc. machines for a
few hundred pounds. They dont seem to be very powerful though, maybe
200MHz or something.

How do their speeds relate to 200MHz i386 machines, if they are about
the same, how come they are so expensive ?

Is there any good site with introduction to non-i386 hardware. I tried
googling but came up with nothing.

Also, what is best supported unix-based hardware with debian that is
easily obtainable.

Thanks for any input,


Shri Shrikumar             U R Byte Solutions
I.T. Consultant            Edinburgh, Scotland     Tel: 0845 644 4745
Email: shri@urbyte.com                             Web: www.urbyte.com

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