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Re: Users ready for Debian on the Desktop

On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 15:38, bob parker wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Apr 2003 16:17, Mark L. Kahnt wrote:
> > That is why I despise most reviews that just speak of the installation
> > process. The vast majority of the time with a system is not involved in
> > installing it (hopefully) but actually doing operating tasks, be it
> > financial management, program coding, scientific data analysis, or porn
> > surfing ;)
> Spot on.
> > My friend I wrote about is not ready to administer his own computer -
> > Windows, Mac or Linux. I would offer that most people over 30 aren't
> > ready to administer their own computers because they didn't get the
> > exposure to that side of using them when young. 
> FWIW I'm 64. I migrated from W98SE to Mdk 8.2 in May last year. Went from 
> there to Woody last July. (Via a brief interlude with Potato after a corrupt 
> Woddy install disc plus my mistake trashed my setup.)
> We seniors are often resistant to change. As far as I am concerned that fear 
> of change is nothing more than fear of death in disguise. Once we wake up to 
> that we can embrace change just as we did when younger.

I think alot depends on the individual.  My 85 y/o grandfather is one of
the most astute power users I know.  Not an insignificant
accomplishment, considering that prior to buying his first computer in
'96, he had been typing his sermons on the same manual typewriter for
the last 40 years.


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