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Re: Installing and upgrading but not from the net.

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On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 09:58:50AM +1000, Mirabella, Mathew J wrote:
> Hi all.  I am new to linux and debian and have a few questions on
> installing the distro.
> i have the 7 woody (stable) installation cds along 


> with an eighth cd
> which seems to have some of the non-free stuff.  

It's not neccessarily permitted to actually make or distribute CDs of
non-Free, so Debian does not do so.  Are you sure you don't mean non-US?

> i would like to get
> sid (unstable) or at least testing working on my box, but don't have
> the cds for that.  

Ok.  Are you sure you want to do this, considering how new you are to
Debian?  Debian Testing and Unstable are called that for a reason.

> Is it true that you can only actually Install the
> stable distro?  

Generally, yes.  Only woody has installable floppy and CD images made
[1].  Of course, since it's so damn easy to move from stable to testing
or unstable, and given that you need to install once per machine
(barring hardware issues), it's not considered a serious issue.

> btw my woody cds are the r0 version not the r1...
> does this make a difference?

It means you're slightly out of date with security fixes.

> The issue is that the box i will be installing on has a slow internet
> connection, while i have a fast one via a windows box at work.  So
> what i want to do is download everything i need via the windows box to
> hard disk, maybe burn it onto cds (perhaps using isos from the net) or
> even just downloading all the files i need, and then to copy this
> stuff over to a partition on the box i want to install deb on (or burn
> the cds to use them instead).

There are full sets of sid CDs out there, but I've never used them and I
don't know the URL.  Another option is to use 'apt-zip' and to read the
'Offline Apt Howto', which explains how to solve this very situation.

> Can anyone also tell me if the apps in sage or sid are as recent as
> the stuff redhat etc are packaging in their distro, rh9 or mandrake
> etc. for example?

No idea.  Sid has KDE3.1.1, GNOME2.2, X4.2, OO.org 1.0, etc, etc...you
can check the version for anything you want at

[1] Yes, I know this isn't true.  If you want to try to install sarge
directly, you're welcome to try the experimental new debian-installer
system; I believe install disks are linked from

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