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Re: mplayer?

stan(stanb@awod.com) is reported to have said:
> In my ongoinh (ever futile) effort to find something that will run under
> Debian, that I can replace my TiVo with, I've discovered Freevo.
> I downloaded the source atrball, and (despite it not having a working
> configure script), did get it to complie.
> Problem now is thta when I try yo satrt it it bails out saying i need
> mplayer. dselect is not help on this.
> What can I do here?

Well I tried 
apt-cache search mplayer  Which showed
mga-vid-source - Kernel driver for the back-end scaler on Matrox cards

So I did 
apt-cache show mga-vid-source       ; and got

many Matrox cards. If you own a Matrox card, and use your Debian system
to watch movies with 'mplayer', which you'll find at
http://mplayerhq.hu ,
you definitely want this piece of software, as it is the best video
output driver available.
Does that help any?

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