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KDE crashes


i have KDE 3.1 installed from unstable on Debian Woody/testing (kernel: 
2.4.20-1-k7), and it really runs unstable on my system. Sometimes the whole 
system crashes completely,  when I use KDE. The most crashes happen right 
after the KDE initialisation finished, almost eyery time after booting the 
system ( I log in graphically using kdm). Sometimes it also crashes, when I 
have many windows opened. With kde2(stable) I had no problems.
I have no idea where to search for the reason, the only thing is that I 
sometimes get the message  "spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ7". Does anyone 
know, if this can cause the crashes? There are no other strange entries in 
the /var/log/messages, kdm.log and  XFree86.0.log.
Could anyone give me a hint, what to do?

Marc Hinrichs

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