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Re: Fetchmail and Spamassasin

On Wednesday 16 Apr 2003 10:22 am, Raffaele Sandrini wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to use Spamassasin to filter my mail. I have a little
> network here with a linux server (router). This server fetches my mail
> via fetchmail and stores it. i can get it via pop3 then from it.
> When i go to the spamassasin site i see ways for implementing it in a
> MTA or Procmail or Win32 mail clients... Is there a way to use it with
> fetchmail so that i can get my mail filtered on my little server?

Fetchmail delivers the mail through the local mail server, so just setup 
spamassisn to work with whatever mta your have installed (probably exim)


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