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Re: kbdrate hangs on my new G4. Waaah!

On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 18:41, unixlists@twu.net wrote:
> Hi... this is Jessica Blank from TWU; some of you (hi Ben! :) ) might
> remember me as the one having problems getting Linux working on a 7200.
> I've got a G4/450 now! Yay. (Traded a Big Worthless PeeCee for it ;)
> Haha!)

Heh, better machine indeed ;) Well, regarding kbdrate, I suspect
that thing will try to directly tap the ISA hardware of common PC
and thus do nothing good to your mac.

The Mac uses the input layer, which use kernel timers for the
repeat delay & rate, though I haven't seen a way to change those
delays from the hard-coded defaults by quickly looking at the
2.4 codebase, I have to ask to the maintainer of that code.


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