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Re: Reiserfs Review

On Tuesday 15 April 2003 17:33, GBV wrote:
> I´ve been using reiserfs im my debian unstable 2.4.20,
> My disk performance is really fast. No problems at all..
> Do you experience this file system? Can I use it for production
> purposes without any risks?
> Does ext3 performance and stability beats up reiserfs?

Well, you can't usually have the best performance, and the best 

When it comes to stability, I guess ext2 is still the most stable wildly 
used FS. But I personally have been super happy with ResiserFS. 

Also it depends on what you want to do with your system. For a mail 
server, ReiserFS is probably the best choice. For handling large files, 
XFS comes to mind. 

Anyway, don't forget that ReiserFS was made by God himself, so it's a 
good FS to use, with God's Own OS (Debian). ;-)


/* My name is Jehovah. I have a special plan to save the universe, but
because of heavenly security reasons I can't tell you what that plan
is. Your's just going to put your faith in me, because I see the
picture and you don't. You know I'm good, because I told you so. If you
don't believe me, I'll throw you on my enemies list and throw you in a
pit where Infernal Revenue Service will audit your taxes for eternity*/
Aryan Ameri

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