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Re: kernel 2.4.18 -> 2.4.20 subtle upgrade problem

Graeme Tank wrote:
I've been happy with my self-compiled 2.4.18 kernel on a stable/testing
Woody system that is mostly stable.

Recently, I installed kernel-source-2.4.20-6 and used my 2.4.18 config
file to compile 2.4.20. I compile my kernels like so:

$ cd /usr/local/source/kernel-source-2.4.20
$ cp /boot/config-2.4.18-gat.05 .config
$ make menuconfig          // didn't change anything but did save
$ make-kpkg clean
$ VER=gat.05
$ make-kpkg -rootcmd fakeroot --append-to-version -${VER}
--revision=${VER} kernel_image
# dpkg -i ../kernel-image-2.4.20-gat.05_gat.05_i386.deb

Now the problem. Using the 2.4.20 kernel I can access every website I
could with the 2.4.18 kernel except for http://www.wash.k12.mi.us and
http://www.remc.org. This is interesting in and of itself, but this is
also the only way my wife can access her webmail. She's also largely
responsible for the content of both sites.



# Automatically generated make config: don't edit




Any help would be appreciated. It might be interesting to see if those
of you running the 2.4.20 kernel have a similar problem.

Aye; I, too, had activated 'Explicit Congestion Notification' in menuconfig.

Try this as root:

echo "0" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn

If you can then get to the aforementioned sites after doing so, tcp_ecn the culprit ;-\

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