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Re: Sound-recorder recording blank file

On Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 10:44:54PM -0700, Michael Rudmin wrote:
> Hi, 
>    I'm trying to get my sound up and working, and
> especially to get sound-recorder going.  I already
> have GOM working -- at least according to what I hear
> from my speakers as I record.  GOM seems to work on
> /dev/mixer
>    However, when I try to record a file with
> sound-recorder, it seems to be a blank file.  I can
> open the wav file with other programs, and it looks
> like sound-recorder recorded zeros everywhere.
>    Can anyone tell me the proper way of doing this?  
> $sound-recorder -A /dev/mixer mywav.wav
> didn't seem to do the trick, and having read the man
> pages, I still am not closer to an understanding of
> the problem.

/dev/mixer is the equivalent of the knobs and buttons on the front of
your stereo: you use it to control the soundcard but you can't
actually listen to it.

The equivalent device for the sockets and connections on the back of
your stereo is /dev/dsp. This is where the sound comes in and out.

Try the above with "-A /dev/mixer" changed to "-A /dev/dsp", or just
leave out the -A switch altogether as /dev/dsp is the default.

> As an additional note, I should say that I *also* can
> get kmix to work on my woody-kde2.2, but krecord
> doesn't record anything either:  it says it's
> recording, but sits at a constant 0 MB.

You're trying to record from /dev/mixer here too? It'll be opening the
device OK, then just sitting there forever waiting for the device to
provide some input. Again, record from /dev/dsp.

(Feeling bored? Run a hexdump of /dev/dsp and watch the numbers change
as you play with the sound source.)


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