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Re: dpkg -l needs wider package name output

Colin Watson wrote:
On Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 06:11:21PM -0400, Benjamin Rutt wrote:

It seems that there is an arbitrary limit on 'dpkg -l':  it only seems
to output the first 14 characters of any package name.

Set COLUMNS to something large, or use dpkg-query with the --showformat
option (check its man page).

pretzalz@Pretzalz:~$ echo $COLUMNS
pretzalz@Pretzalz:~$ dpkg -l
<nice wide output>
pretzalz@Pretzalz:~$ dpkg -l | less
<output squished into 80 columns>
pretzalz@Pretzalz:~$ COLUMNS=145 dpkg -l | less
<nice wide output>

Do you really have to specify COLUMNS every time when using dpkg/less? Why can't it just take the value of COLUMNS set by the terminal? The less man page seems to suggest that it should, and it does when piping almost anything but 'dpkg -l' to less.

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