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Re: Installing Debian from Isolinux.org

Richard Carranza wrote:

I would like to download Debian from the Linuxiso.org website. But, I have a slow computer: 33 MB RAM and 166 MHz. I just want a limited, light weight installment of a Linux system. One that is text based and uses limited resources. Which CDs do I need to download from www.linuxiso.org?

I'd suggest going to www.debian.org, looking under Getting Debian / Network Installs, and try to d/l the iso image for the mini-CD. It's about 180MB, fits on (surprise) a mini CD, and has just enough to get you started on a minimal install quite nicely. Just did it myself yesterday ;)

Only drawback is that the server it is on has a user limit of something like 40 or so. Hopefully something like this (the mini-CD) will become available as an official mainstream item?



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