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Re: OT: Incoming/Outgoing route of IP subnet

On Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 08:38:05PM +0200, Alexander Steinert wrote:
> [Hoping that I didn't enter too many killfiles, let me say that I'm
> very sorry for not providing a subject in my last mail!]
> I've got a question for all the network administrators out there with
> more practical experience than I have:
> OK, let's assume we have
> an IP subnet N,
> a host H in N,
> a host G in N and
> a host A outside of N.
> Packets from H to A go via G, since H is configured as gateway on H. 
> How save is it to assume that all packets from A to H (the other way
> round) go via G?

If I'm understanding correctly what you are talking about is setting up
"G" as the router for "A" and "H."  So in that case you would set up at
least two NICs on "G."  One pointed to network "N" where "H" resides 
and one pointed to the other network where "A" resides.  Does that
answer your question?  "G" would be aware of both networks so "H" and
"A" could reach one another via "G."

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