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Re: nfs export oddity (or not?)

John M Flinchbaugh wrote:
> i have /dev/hda1 mounted as /archive.
> and /dev/sdd1 mounted as /archive/machine.
> i nfs export /archive on that machine.
> when i mount it from elsewhere, i see /archive/machine as being on the
> /archive fs, and not the /archive/machine fs.  it's like the nfs
> export serves out that _one_ partition, but not the other.

What does your /etc/exports say?  I think it should say something like

  /archive *(ro)
  /archive/machine *(ro)

Replace *(ro) with your own appropriate options.  But I could not
stomach saying *(rw) as that is just too insecure in the general

Then on your client machine you have the choice of using the
automounter or not.  If not then you would have these two entries in
your /etc/fstab.

  yourmachinename:/archive /mnt/yourmachinename/archive nfs ro 0 0
  yourmachinename:/archive/machine /mnt/machine/archive nfs ro 0 0

Or using the automounter /net/yourmachinename/archive/machine will
access the subdirectory, assuming you have modified the default
/etc/auto.master file to point to the more common /net instead of the
present package directory /var/autofs/net.

  apt-get install autofs

You can query the nfs server to see what it is exporting and to whom.
This is in /usr/sbin or /sbin, I forget which, and since I am reading
this message offline I can't check.

  showmount -e yourmachine


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