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Innd and expire question

Hello all,

I've got a simple inn2 setup, which uses suck to provide the feed off my
ISP's news server.  During an upgrade my config files were replaced and
a bundle of groups were added to the spool that I don't really want.  I
fixed the config problem, control messages are dealt with in a way I
want, and expire works fine. However, I've still got old messages on the
spool, specifically in the alt.binaries tree that are taking a lot of
disk space, so I want to get rid of them.

I thought expire would delete them, but it isn't, perhaps because none
of these groups are in the active file.  So the question is, can I delete
them simply by going:

cd /var/spool/news/articles/alt
rm -r binaries/

or will this break inn?  Is there a better, or more correct, way of
getting rid of these messages from the spool?


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