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Modem escape sequence +++ query ?

I am now the proud owner of a serial external modem, goodby winmodem with 
depmod problems !

To cut a long story short, it dials, as it happens on demand, and talks to my 
ISP AOK on the first attempt. When I kill pppd or my NTL ISP drops the line 
all apears AOK except when I want to go back on line again.

The modem refuses to accept any commands ie ATZ, ATH1, ATDTxxxx
I assume this is because the modem is now in "connect mode", I tried to put 
it back in command mode with echo +++ > /dev/ttyS0 in /etc/ppp/ip-down.d but 
no go....

debian:/etc/chatscripts# echo ATL1X1DT126308005190100 > /dev/ttyS0

Modem dials AOK, responding to commands ... However now will NOT shut down, 
the following does nothing, Have to power down modem then ATH0 ATH1 work AOK

debian:/etc/chatscripts# echo "+++" > /dev/ttyS0
debian:/etc/chatscripts# echo ATH0 > /dev/ttyS0
debian:/etc/chatscripts# echo ATZ > /dev/ttyS0

Any Ideas, Maybe I am just phrasing +++ wrong ?

Also does anyone know of a dumb terminal program that will let me see what 
comes back from the modem ? I used to use one but cant remember what it was 

Many thanks

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