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INN2 cannot bind


I have tryed everything (I know) but I could not
make INN2 work after upgrade to the newest
version. It keeps saying:

cant listen RCreader Address already in use

And I do not have any other program which
would bind to that port. And INN2 worked
without problems before I upgraded.

I have also an IPv6 interface and I read that
this could be a problem. So I tryed different
combinations of bindaddress, bindaddress6,
sourceaddress, sourceaddress6, listenonipv4,
listenonipv6 but it still does not work.
Maybe I did not use correct combination.

I would like that it works on IPv4 and
if it is possible that it works on IPv6,

Please help. I really have to make it work
as soon as possible. I am open to any

I have also newest Debian kernel (I compiled
it from kernel-source-2.4.20). I used
/etc/init.d/inn2 script to start INN and
I have to kill it with kill.


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