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Re: Help with onboard network

On April 8, 2003 12:26 am, David Meiser wrote:

> I'm running SID on a Toshiba Satellite 1735 and am trying to get the
> onboard network card to work.  It's an Accton EN2521/2220/2242 based NIC
> and will supposedly work with the Tulip drivers, albeit slightly
> modified.  I have ready every website I can track down via googling
> about this and tried everything, but still can't get the onboard nic to
> work.  Has anyone actually tried/done this on a debian system?

This is a complete shot in the dark but it fixed a similar problem for me ... 
try passing the "noapic" option to the kernel at boot time.

Fraser Campbell <fraser@wehave.net>                 http://www.wehave.net/
Brampton, Ontario, Canada                                 Debian GNU/Linux

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