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Re: MTA: usage of smart host

> > Thank you for all your suggestions and even config-files! It looks like
> > I'm able to go without my ISP's smart host. I was able to telnet into
> > ursine 25, although it knocks on my firewall port 113 (auth). Why is it
> > doing that? Right now, my firewall blocks this port and it reeeeeally
> > slows down transaction.
> That's identd.  If you use IRC ever, you should have that open and an
> identd running.  I have ippl running with identd, since occasionally
> lamers try to knock down my box from public shell sites that have an
> accurate identd running, so I can just turn around and email thier
> abuse box so they can properly deal with the luser.

I don't understand: why is your smtp server identing me?

> > But, what's all that about DUL and things like that?
> DUL, dialup list.  A list of all known dialup IP pools, frequently
> abused by spammers.

Ah, I see. For what purpose is such a list available?

> > Why is there something like a smart host?
> As far as I can tell, because Windows mail clients won't do
> direct-to-destination mailing, but rather acts exclusively as a SMTP
> client when sending.

Fortunately, I don't have to deal with that, ;-). Would it be wise to
setup a smart host on my server to deal with mail sent by my workstation?
That way I could probably send mail even if my connection was failing
without my workstation complaining all over the place and the mail would
be send after my connection came back up. Do I have this right?


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