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Re: Hardware RAID setup

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, nate wrote:

> I've only used the 6400 and 6800 3ware cards but never remember
> having to run a 'verify'. Maybe the cards I had didn't have the option.

I ran into this problem on the card, I installed it, assumed that making
the array in the bios was all I needed, and left it running

Came back 192 days later(next reboot), and decided i'd install the tw_cli
program and see what it does.  Imagine my surprise when the pair of
raid1's went into initializing, instead of verifying.  No data loss
though, but I have no idea whether it was running redundant or not.

Now i check new systems by pulling a drive out when it's off, and making
sure the system boots and runs.  Something I should have done in the first
place, actually.

Emailed 3ware about it, it's expected behaviour apparently.

> sure did not do a sufficient job of masking a disk failure, the kernel
> would detect a sudden burst of bad sectors and reiserfs would puke
> immediately killing the system. And this was in a 6-disk RAID 10 setup,

I had a bad 120 gig drive on a mirror, was bad right out of the box with
bad sectors.  I had it running an init, and the 3ware kicked it out of the
raid1 i was testing it in.  Put it back in, it kicked it out again when it
hit the bad sectors.  Ran Maxtor's diag(powermax), and verified this brand
new drive had bad sectors.

The other 9 120's, 2 200's, and 4 250's in the batch are all fine.

The kernel wasn't bothered, and performance stayed the same.  Perhaps the
drivers are much better now than back in the 6xxx era.

It's in the mail now back to Maxtor.


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