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Re: LPRng and LaserWriter 8.7.1 Very Slow

Hello Marc,

Sorry this is a little late. I can't keep up with the Debian-User list now that I'm back in school. If you'd like to discuss this issue more, send me a direct email. I'll try the Debian unstable version. It could be later than the versions I or any others who had problems with it tried. I attached two references on the end of this email. They're short.



From:   Robert Solomon wogsol-at-bestweb.net |LPRng
Received:   27-03-03  10:51 pm
Subject:   Re: LPRng: Is printing from Mac OS 9 clients to lprng fixed?


I'm having the same issue here, have gotten only a little further: LPR printing works from my system 9.04 Mac to another server on my net running Steve Flynn's tiny lpd server. I've been unable to locate 3.8.1. My version that doesn't work is 3.8.12. As soon as I have time, I'm going to upgrade to the current 3.8.20 version and try that... (Running Slackware.)


From:  "David L. R. Houston" <dlrh@z...>
Date:  Wed Jan 9, 2002  10:51 am
Subject: LPRng: Fixed - 3.8.4 is the problem (was Printing from non UNIX clients possible?)

Well, I managed to figure it all out.

The problem: version 3.8.4 of LPRng.

After running tcpdump and tcptrace, and getting absolutely zilch, I decided to install an older version, 3.8.1. Presto: all tests work fine, OSX and OS9 clients can do a direct print using LPR! I had scarecely to breath and it worked.

Moral: Never think that the latest release is the best!

Many thanks to all who responded with positive affirmations. Special thanks to Alan Sundell who suggested trying 3.8.1.

And, a sincere wish that whatever the problem is in 3.8.4, that it be fixed and that others not hit the same wall!

David Houston
CIT Client Services Coordinator
University of Vermont

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