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Re: Sound isn't working, SIS7012

Roman Brodylo wrote:

I'm not getting any sound, not as root nor ordinary user. I've been
checking this list since February, but it hasn't helped fix my problem Im using Testing. Sorry for the lengthy mail, but I thought I'd add some
configuration data (dmesg, groups, dev rights, lsmod, /etc/modules,
lspci, modprobe -c) just to help a potential helper.
On entry to my session I get the message:
I was not able to open your audio device Please check that you have permission to open /dev/mixer
and make sure you have sound support compiled into your kernel."

To make my SiS7018 audio function, I have compiled the kernel (2.4.18) with Trident/SiS7018 audio as a module. This may work for you also.

HTH, Tim

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