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On Sat, Apr 05, 2003 at 09:13:16AM +1000, Lindsay Yardley wrote:
> G'day All,
> A very special THANKS to all those who've helped me get started with
> debian. Unfortunately I don't have the time to cope with the quantity of
> mail on this list so I'm off to find a quieter one. Thanks again,

Glad you liked it.  Yes, there's a lot of list posts going through, but
I think you'll find it's the most useful mailing list around.

My suggestion would be to get the hang of a MUA which supports threading
(mutt would be my recommendation).  Also, use procmail to sort all your
debian list mail into a different folder.  Once thats done, you only
have to read the list when you get a free moment.  You can also quickly
skip through threads looking for stuff that interests you.

In any case, best of luck with Debian

- Chris

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