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Re: create an image of a partition

On Thu, 2003-04-03 at 15:25, Roman Joost wrote:
> Does somebody know a better way to create an image of a existing
> partition? 
> I know dd=/dev/hda1 of=windows_partition.img, but the image has a size
> of 3 GB. I thought about backup a fresh win98 installation, so i can write 
> the image back to the partition if windows goes crazy. I don't want
> install all the drivers and time consuming reboots. 
> Maybe someone know a good tool or some docs, which describes a good way
> to backup the data like "dd". 
gzip or bzip2 the image.  With an entire partition you should get mad
compression on it.  Thats probably what the other partition imagers are


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