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Re: upgrading to unstable KDE

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> Are you using apt pinning?  If so, this is a prime example of why the
> developers tell you *not* to do this unless you have a fairly firm
> understanding of what's going on and are willing to track at least the
> announcements for all versions involved.  Really, pinning was only
> intended for advanced users running stable that needed a couple
> packages from newer versions and thus is not necissarily a reliable
> substitute tracking just one version.

yes, I am using apt pinning. And I think I am an experienced user...
I also run stable as main source and have testing and unstable pinned. The 
only applications that are from unstable are KDE and the dependencies.
I had it too often that a package from unstable was broken and left my 
system unusable. That's why I use stable as main source and upgrade single 
packages when I need them.
In aptitude this is relative easy. I think this issue with kmail happened 
because I had the packages from the original kde mirrors installed and 
switched to the unstable packages now, because I needed some unstable 
versions of some gnome software that conflicted with the kde packages. this 
was because the kde packages from the kde site use libfam0 and libqt3-mt. 
These conflict with gnome2 in unstable.

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