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Re: kernel won't boot (was Re: compiling a kernel)


Thanks for your reply, Elizabeth !

I checked - but the Second extended fs support was
allready on.
I attached the current filesystem supports.

I think I might need to set  " Advanced partition
selection " on and select some
partition types there - but I'm not at all sure (I'm
just curious why it's off)

If I do enable it, I see there is an option enabled:
  PC BIOS (MSDOS partition tables) support 
with the help:
 Say Y here if you would like to use hard disks under
Linux which
 were partitioned on an x86 PC (not necessarily by

I don't just try as I have allready some broken
kernels now (I tried some things without succes before
asking here)

If this is indeed the correct difference, or when you
know something else which is incorrect now, please
send a reply !

Thanks for any help,


--- Elizabeth Barham <lizzy@soggytrousers.net> wrote:
> Joris writes:
> > In case you allready received this question (or
> even answered ??) I
> > apologise, but I have seen no reactions, or my own
> question, so I
> > guess something has gone wrong
> > 
> > The thing is, I can't figure out what's option I
> should choose which
> > is currently off. As I thought I might have
> changed a lot at the
> > same time, I started again on the original config
> and compiled the
> > kernel.  Unfortunately, I have the same problem
> again:
> Probably ext2 file system support. 
> make menuconfig
>  File systems --->
>      <*> Second extended fs support 
> Elizabeth

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