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PPPOE / ADSL fails

I've been running a Woody-based NAT/firewall box as an uplink to Verison DSL
since Woody was released, and was using Potato before that. Until two days ago,
it behaved perfectly. It just smply stopped working. I'm connecting right now
through a Win98 box using Verison's PPPOE software for Windows.

I really have no clue what's going wrong... pppoeconf sees a pppoe connection on
the other end of the ethernet card. I'm using the same username and password as
I always have, and am currently using under Windows. I've restarted the service
and rebooted several times. I've tried tinkering around with all the
configuration scripts... nothing. No errors messages, no white smoke. I'm
totally perplexed.

I have verified that the ethernet card I was using works. It just won't connect.
Any clues?

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