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How to upgrade woody on a AXP Multia to the 2.4.x kernal

	Im trying to get my AXP powered DEC Multia as a WAP-server. It has a
2.2Gb 2.5" ata hd, 128M ram,  an EEPro100 nic, and 2 proxim cards:  802.11a
and 802.11b. The 802.11a is for the WiFi backbone and the 802.11b is for
wireless clients and the eepro100 is for the wired clients. I will be using
ipv6 tunneling. Just to learn how to setup and run the system. I have 2 more
Multia's in like configs for my techs to get hands on training.

Thanks for your help in advanced.

David Flatt

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