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Re: urgent Mail Server

In article <20030401235005$2b3c@gated-at.bofh.it>, Lindsay Yardley

> This morning I recieved an invoice from the isp who handles my
> mail/website, he's increased his fees by 200%. This is only a hobby
> thing so I can't justify spending that much for redirection & masking.
> I'd like (have to) to take over the administration myself. I'd like a
> HowTo (for dummies) on the process of administering it. And, I need to
> setup a mail server here in the next few hours, which is the *easiest*
> MTA? I would have liked to use the debian default Exim but the docs
> for fools like me are rather thin, the one I use will need to have
> plenty of simple and clear documentation, remembering I know very
> little about administering an MTA.

Exim isn't bad in my experience; my personal preference is for Postfix
though. It's super easy to use / configure, and it has a generally
helpful user community. apt-get install postfix should get everything
installed and pretty much working - you should be asked some questions
while configuring the package, and that should set things up pretty much
the way you need them.

There are links to some more documentation at:

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