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Re: sparc stability

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 02:30:12AM +0100, Warwick Brown wrote:
> ive been trying to run linux on sparc for a while now, but no matter
> what distributuib/kernel i use, it seems to crash on an almost daily
> basis, im using a Sun Creator3D/30, and i cant seem to find any
> resolve, ive used splack, suse, debian, aurora, with no joy, and
> kernels from 2.4.19 to 2.4.21-pre6 with no joy, they all seem to
> suffer stack overflows, which in turn cause a core dump

Hmm.  I've never seen such a problem.  None of my sparcs have a Creator
card in them; they've all either got cgsixes or no framebuffer at all.
They have no uptime problems, in any case.  I have seen kernel oopses
due to ext3 bugs (which seem to be sparc specific and I've never managed
to get any help from the developers).  Those bugs only occurred under
fairly heavy filesystem load, for example when rsyncing one filesystem
to another.  Even then, though, only the filesystem being written to had
any problems; the machine stayed up.

> p.s. what uptimes do fellow sparc'ers get?

Well, auric.debian.org is a sparc and is the main Debian archive server
and also runs the sparc buildd.  It is under constant load and right now
has an uptime of 47 days running 2.4.19-rc1.  My personals sparcs have
all seen uptimes reach nearly triple digit days, only going down due to
power outtages or kernel upgrades.

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