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Galeon 1.3.3 and URL completion

I'm running galeon-snapshot in sid which is version 1.3.3. One of the
things about Galeon that I really like(d) is that while you manually
type in a URL it would progressively find the best match for what you
were typing as you typed. If you satisfied the uniqueness you could
just hit enter without typing in the rest of the URL.

Well, that's the way it used to work. Now it appears to be working
like MS Exploder and instead of allowing you to type enough to uniquely
specify a previously used URL and hitting the Enter key, it wants you
to select from the URL pulldown using the mouse. I'm an old fashioned
kind of guy and I use the mouse to switch between windows and scroll
windows. I hate having to take my hand off the keyboard to select a
URL. I'm hoping that you can set the latest Galeon to behave like the
old, but if it's there I can't find it. Anyone else notice this
behavior, and hopefully know how to set it back to the "old" way it
did things?


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