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Re: echo $MAIL

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 06:48:17AM -0800, debian_newbie wrote:
| Hello,
| I'm trying to learn Mutt.

Sounds like a plan.  It's a good MUA.

| On the My First Mutt web site
| "http://mutt.blackfish.org.uk/storage/"it says that Mutt by default
| looks in the mailspool for mail. It then says to find your mailspool
| do this:
| echo $MAIL

I guess.  You can probably set that to override the default.  The
default (at least as compiled for debian) is one of /var/mail/$USER or
/var/spool/mail/$USER.  (it doesn't really matter -- one is a symlink
to the other)

| As you can see, i get nothing. Why is this?

The variable isn't set.


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