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RE: X screen shifts right !!.

Sounds like it's the monitor being too clever for it's own good.

Some monitors store positional settings per refresh rate.  It might be doing
this and getting stuck between modes.

Try shifting the refresh higher or lower and see if it makes a difference.

Best of luck!

Colin Ellis
Solution City Ltd

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Dave Restall - System Administrator wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having an irritating problem with Debian 3.0 on Intel.  I'm using
> olvwm on top of XFree86 Version  (it is over 12 months old).
> Hardware is on board Trident Microsystems CyberBlade/i1 (rev 0).
> Machine runs fine, just a standard install, nothing special.  However
> from time to time (and I suspect it's xscreensaver related) I am unable
> to move the mouse cursor to the far left of the screen (about 5%), I can
> move it to the far right, in fact it goes off the edge of the visible
> area.  Top to bottom is all fine.  I have tried resetting olvwm from
> inside the system but the only certain way to cure the problem is to
> close X _AND_ reset the box.  If you don't reset, the problem is still
> apparent when you reload olvwm.  I have worked through the problem,
> simply by moving the mouse cursor to the right of what I want to select
> and clicking.  If I am lucky and manage to catch the keyboard/mouse at
> the right time (I think this is when xscreensaver is just about to start
> a new sequence) then the cursor reverts back to its normal operation.
> The best way I can think of the problem is that the 'virtual' screen has
> been offset to the right of the physical screen by about 5%.  Everything
> else remains the same, none of the applications move.
> Has anybody else seen this ?  I've stfw and can't find anything.
> Unfortunately, the problem is not easily repeatable.
> P.S. This is not an April Fool's message :-)
> Regards,
> Dave Restall
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I can only confirm that I too used to get this very same problem on my
old work machine... Never was able to work out what was wrong, it was
crazy cos it would sometimes do and then it would come back to normal.
There were no screensavers being used and it would happen while i was
using the machine with no reason for it changing.


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