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Re: Graphical SSH/SFTP client for KDE?

> > This there a good client for joined ssh/sftp sessions that runs under KDE
> > that Debian supports? I've searched through the listings that dselect
> > gives me and googled, but nothing leaps out. AxyFTP looks rather crude and
> > doesn't clearly say whether or not it supports SFTP, and kdessh doesn't
> > run on my computer for some reason. Basically what I'd like is a Linux
> > version of the Windows SSH client, which costs money but is provided free
> > by my university :-).
> gFTP definitely does sftp -- but not a joined ssh/sftp session (by which
> I take it to mean that you have a term at the bottom for an ssh shell
> when logged in for sftp?)

Thanks for naming this one to me. It does what I need, with one
exception--one of the hosts I want to connect to brings up the message
"The authenticity of ~hostname~ can't be established. DSA key fingerprint
is ~fingerprint~. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?"
When ssh'ing on the console, I type yes and go through, but gFTP doesn't
seem to know how to do this. Is there a workaround?

> If you just need an ssh shell, fire up a console (konsole in KDE) and
> ssh to the server using 'ssh username@servername'; you can do this at
> the same time that you've got gftp up if you can't find another
> graphical FTP client that's SFTP capable.

Yeah, this is what I've been doing. It works well enough.

Jesse S. Bangs jaspax@u.washington.edu

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