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Administering a network

  I'd like to start debian/linux for the desktop computers at work. My idea is 
something like:

	KDE 3: With Ralf's sources or debian unstable.
	LDAP: for user authentication and contacts for kmail/korganizer and so on..
	OpenAFS: to share /home dirs between computers. (Coda could also be an 
option, but I definitely want encryption and don't rely much in NFS in terms 
of security...)

The tricky thing (well... hope not ;) seems to be administering all 
computers.. I'd like to have a server in which I download (update) the 
latests debs and all other machines update from this. I suppose this is not 
dificult as I could have a cron-script which downloads PACKAGES and RELEASE 
files from any mirror and configure each machine to download from the server 
within the network.. 
However, a couple of questions come to mind: Is there a way to avoid *all* of 
the questions when updating software with apt-get, or even better select the  
answers in one computer and update the rest of them? Also, has somebody used 
this strategy but downloading source-debs, compile them and then offer them 
to the rest of the network?

I'd really appreciate you shared any experiences with this kind of 
configuration and if there are any usefull tools to make it as easy as 
possible... what about the kernel???

PS: I know I could use a thin client architecture but I don't like it very 
much... though I know it has some advantages from the administration point of 

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