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Re: tar over ssh

Hi Iñaki

>  i have 2 servers, server1 and server2, and i want to make a "tar" of some
> directories in server2, but storing the tar_file in server1, as in server2
> there is NOT space left.

Why don't you copy the files first and tar them locally? Directories can be 
copied with 

scp -r user@server2:/path/to/remote/directory /path/to/local/directory

This will copy /path/to/remote/directory including it's content and 
subdirectories to /path/to/local/directory, which you could tar later.

>  NOTE: i do NOT want to use NFS.
Why not? This would make things easier (methinks...).
If you are concerned about security or so, just export the directory for the 
time necessary to complete the job, then shut down NFS again.

Maybe someone else knows a bit more about ssh. You can forward tcp ports, and 
such things. Maybe you can pipe the tar output into another program that can 
be forwarded through such a tunnel. This is something for experts, not for 


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