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Re: X over ssh

On Sunday 30 March 2003 19:13, Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 06:22:06PM +0200, Michael Naumann wrote:
> > I'm a bit clueless now.
> > Hopefully anybody can help me out here.
> > I have two machines m1 and m2 (both woody) connected.
> > I can ssh -X successfully from  m1 to m2 and vice versa.
> That's all you need to do.  Don't expect full X sessions over SSH,
> that's not what's intended there.

Oh, somehow I expected another answer.
I'm quite sure, that it should be possible to tunnel X over ssh.
And in one direction it works perfectly.

So from machine m1
  ssh -X m2 xlogo
works fine, whereas from machine m2
  ssh -X m1 xlogo
gives me 
  Error: Can't open display: 

I think, it should work. Too often I read in this list the
"xhost +" technique is considered bad. So what are my alternatives ?
What might I be missing ?

Thanx, Michael

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