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Re: Debian's release support policy

> Well, Joey means that he (and the rest of the security team) will
> support potato to the best of his ability.  The problem is, it was
> released 2 and a half years ago, and so much of the software in it is
> really hard to support still.  Microsoft recently made the news for
> claiming that WinNT 4.0 wouldn't get a fix for some new vulnerability
> because it was too old and would simply have required too much work
> fix.  Potato is very much in the same place as NT 4.0.

I am not really complaining that Debian has, at some point, to drop
support for old releases. That's understandable. The problem is that
this support information is not easy to find (at least for someone who
may be  looking at Debian for the first time) and I think it should be

IMHO, Debian should establish a clear security/critical bug support
policy and post it on your support/security page where it's easy to
Something like "we support our releases for 24 months (or whatever)
from the date of the release" would be very helpful, I think, to all
Debian users (and developers). This way everyone knows what to expect
well in advance and has enough time to prepare, there are no surprises.


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