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Re: [OT, FLAME] Linux Sucks

I was just making the observation, one I can verify
with other folks I know (none of which would be
classified as idiots in any forum I'm aware of) that
compared to other systems, Debian is not as easy to
install and configure.

As an example, when installing Potato on a computer
that had held Windows, OS/2, and Redhat, I couldn't
even get the Debian to complete installation, because
it could neither create a boot disk (some access
failure to the floppy) or write a boot sector to the
hard disk.  I had to mess around with an old Redhat
boot disk to finally get Debian on there.

After that, I couldn't get Debian to recognize my lan
card.  A kind soul in this group informed me that sure
enough, the default boot system had a glitch with
respect to my card, and building a new kernel would
solve it (it did).  I also had a devil of a time
getting my lan printer to work.

None of the other mentioned systems had such
difficulties getting up and running.

None-the-less, I'm a Debian user because of its
stability, standards adherence, and ease of
application installation.

Because of the difficulities one may encounter during
installation and configuration, however, I don't feel
pressured to call it a "perfect" system.  Just a very
good one, that has put less emphasis on installation
and configuration than on other aspects.

There is nothing defective about a person who in their
computer use, puts "more" emphasis in installation and
configuration ease.  But such a person is probably
better served by some other system.

So I show tolerance to my brethren who get frustrated
during a Debian installation -- it can happen.

(Not so tolerant to ranting and swearing, however).

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