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Re: Fwd: Re: X ---> console switch puts monitor out of range...

On Mon, 2003-03-24 at 15:57, Tom wrote:

> I don't log out. I press Ctrl+Alt+Del. It's just my monitor that
> goes blank; the system still functions. I can type commands and
> all, but don't see a thing :-)

Mine's a laptop, and it acts like all the interrupts have been disabled
- nothing has any effect at all.

> Huh? Surely it's not elegant, but you *do* manage to get to a
> properly functioning console, or what?

So far. WindowMaker flashes a clean desktop once, then I'm back at the
console. I see messages from X and/or wmaker, and I'm still logged in. I
haven't looked at ps to see if there's a bunch of garbage still there; I
was just so glad to see that prompt again...

And I haven't seen this happen on several Red Hats, a freeBSD, a couple
Mandrakes, or a couple SuSEs - just Debian.

Glenn English

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