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dhclient problem

Hi there!

I have a linux server with an ADSL connection. At this moment, the server
is not running continuously and that poses a bit of a problem. My DHCP
leasetime is a whole week (ISP default) and so I would say that if I would
boot my server after about eight hours of downtime I should still be able
to grab the original lease and IP address. Unfortunately, this is not so.
Even after downtime of a couple of hours, dhclient hangs (almost) forever.
When I change the client-identifier string I will get a new lease, but
that is not really much of an option. I would like to keep the original IP
address. I don't know what's going on since the syslog shows that after
each DHCPREQUEST there is a DHCPOFFER from the correct server. The log
shows no details about this offer (can I request that somehow?) but
apparantly, dhclient ignores this offer and places another DHCPREQUEST.
Does someone know what's going on?

BTW: renew and rebind times for my lease are still days away shows


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