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Re: Expunge OpenOffice.org?

> Sorry, I guess I should add that I am a newbie to Debian systems
> and  Linux in general, but have some experience with RPM based
> systems. I  understand some of the basics of the Debian package
> system, but want to  make sure that all the bits and bobs from
> OpenOffice.org are removed, so  that there is no hindrance to
> installing Star Office 6. I don't know if  it is enough to just
> remove the .deb package.

try dpkg -L <packagename> .. this will give u a list of all the
files installed by the package. then remove the package using
apt-get remove package. and check if all the files have been removed
Sharninder Singh
National Institute Of Management, Calcutta

'M.C.S.E - Minesweeper Consultant & Solitaire Expert'

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