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/var Permissions


I've recently attempted to move my /var directory form the root filesystem to a new filesystem I created on my hardrive, unfortunately I neglected to command "cp" to preserve the files' ownerships while copying the files form the old /var directory.

While most things seem to be working fine with this (mosf of the files were seem to have been owned by root:staff anyway) some things dont:

1. Exim - I managed to get it to work by chownning the /var/log/mail and /var/spool/mail to mail:adm and chawning the users' spool files to be owned by the users - I hope this is the way it should be. 2. MySql - It doesn't work. it seems to be a problem with /var/run/mysqld/mysql.sock but it doesn't seem to be there, maybe I should change the directoryes permission? to what? 3. ws-imapd Seems to be working _very_ slow when accessing a user's primary spool file, can it have a problem with creating a lockfile or something?

Is there somwhere I can find a good specification to what the file permissions should be?
Is there a tool that can fix it all up for me?


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