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Re: [OT] boot CD from grub?

"deFreese, Barry" <Barry.deFreese@nike.com> writes:

>> From: Jens Grivolla [mailto:j-news2003-03@grivolla.de]
>> I have a system that won't boot from (SCSI-)cdrom when any IDE
>> harddrives are configured in the BIOS (yes, this is very definitely a
>> bug).  This is somewhat annoying and I am looking for a workaround.
> This is not a bug, per se.  The IDE bus will ALWAYS boot before SCSI in a
> PC, there is no way around that.  Unfortunately, probably your "easiest"
> option would be to add or replace the SCSI CD-ROM with and IDE.

There is a "boot from SCSI" option in the BIOS, it just doesn't work
correctly.  Adding IDE drives would be expensive (and I really don't
need any other drives), and additionally I would need an extra IDE
controller, so this is not an option.

So I guess I'll just have to work around it (which can be a pain),
apparently booting from a CD without BIOS-support is not possible.


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