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Testing the connection

Thanks to the pointers in this list (and 1.2 MB of downloaded
documentation) I have what appears to me to be a crossover
cable. I have the two Linksys NICS slotted nicely in and have
loaded the tulip.o kernel driver.

The problem now is: what do I do with it? This is my
/etc/network/interfaces on Box 1:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
## EOF

On Box 2 "address" reads "address". Am
I right to assume that I could now "ping" The only
/etc file I adjusted is the above "interfaces".

I don't have NFS enabled in the kernel because all I want is
simple box-to-box file transfer. I'm thinking of using, based on
the documentation I've already read, something called "netcat" or
at most ftp. Am I on the right track?

This ethernetworking stuff is turning out to be the toughest
GNU/Linux task I've set myself to do.


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