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Re: USB printer: no such device

-- Florian Sukup <debian2003@sukup.at> wrote
(on Monday, 17 March 2003, 05:49 PM +0100):
> I've read HOWTOs and asked Google but I can't find the solution:
> I've a postscript-usb printer. And I am running Debian, 2.4.18 kernel 
> (selfcompiled but almost same config as the Debian kernel).
> I inserted the printer module: 
> modprobe printer
> And then I tried 
> echo hello > /dev/usb/lp0
> su: /dev/usb/lp0: No such device
> As far as I read this has to work before I can start configuring lpr or 
> simular.

What about your USB modules? are they being loaded? how? and are you
sure that the USB devices have been created? If so, do you know where?
It sounds to me like the problem is that the USB drivers aren't being
loaded, so even with the printer kernel module available, it doesn't
know that a USB printer device exists.

I've got a USB printer (HP PhotoSmart) connected, and it runs fine...
I'm using a self-compiled kernel (though compiled and installed the
Debian Way(TM)), and utilize usbmgr to find and load my usb devices.

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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